About Blackhart

Welcome to Blackhartrmx.com!! The official website for Blackhart "The Remixologist"!!

I am Blackhart; World known Remixer, Dj, and Rising Music Producer. Born, and raised in Brooklyn, Ny, USA.

I take pride in my gift of presenting music in other creative ways than originally intended in creation by the original creator. Ultimately enabling the opportunity for individuals(You all!!) to fall in love with your favorite music over and over again. And giving a whole new meaning or life to something that already exist.

Many of my remixes, and productions have been featured and played on many of the worlds most popular radio stations, clubs, and dj mix tapes by the worlds most notable, and popular influential Djs. My music genres of choice in inspiration, creative production and listening leisure are Dancehall Reggae, Hip Hop, R n B, Grime, Electronic, and Trap music.

The reason why I am involved in music is simple. I love how it makes me feel, and I love how my love for music, and talent in music affect people in positive ways. I love being a reason why someone feels great about life in a moment, and thereafter. I love helping people, and being a positive inspiration. I love to travel and see the world; experience different cultures, music, wisdom, and people. In doing that my musical influence, and approach evolved exponentially. I will leave a legacy of great music, and character that inspires generations to live life to the fullest without limits, and then some. A legacy that not only encourages people to get an understanding of what they feel they deserve in life, but also to go for it. My life is so colorful because I just flat out have fun striving for ultimate freedom, and fulfillment, while helping others do the same. Through music, and beyond!! Well, thats my story!! A person that Aspires to Inspire in everything I do before I Expire!. Feel free to listen, purchase, and download my mixes, remixes, and singles. I made it for you all. Check back as new music will be added periodically, and also to keep up to date with whats going on with me. Much love!



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